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Joe Salerno Memorial Poetry Reading – May 7, 2017 - Please join us for a reading to celebrate the poetry of Joe Salerno. This event is free and open to the public. However, seating is limited so please RSVP. Reception will follow the reading. Download the flyer here  
Poetry month at school - One of the many things I love about my kids’ school is how much time and attention the teachers give to learning about and celebrating poetry.  This year and last they spent nearly an entire month reading and writing poetry in the classroom – learning as much about the technicalities of poems as they do […]
A poem for August - Every single time I slice open a bright red tomato in the summer, I think of my dad.  Every time I drizzle olive oil on it, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and throw on some basil, I think of my dad.  And when I take a bite of “this muscular red fruit,” I think of my […]
Donald Hall’s “Remembering Joe Salerno” - Originally published as the forward to Only Here: It was a lively time for poetry at the University of Michigan in the early seventies.  My friend Bert Hornback set up regular Tuesday afternoon readings, which were well-attended — a hundred at the worst, four hundred on good days.  Robert Bly and Galway Kinnell came every […]
For Evan - Today I posted a poem that makes me cry every single time I read it.  I could read this poem 100 times a day and I would cry 100 times a day. But not because I miss my dad (which I do) but because it reminds me of my own son.  I know this poem […]
Reading James Wright’s Last Book for the first time - This morning I created a new page on the website for my father’s poem entitled “Reading James Wright’s Last Book.”  It is a beautiful poem and I have always loved the imagery of the last Great Blue Whale sounding for the last time. 
A poem for a Monday morning - I stumbled upon this poem early this morning.  I hadn’t read it in many many years – definitely had not read it since becoming a mom myself.  It made me smile. My father did not live to see me become a mother, but reading poems like this make me feel like we can share in […]
“A Working Man Asleep in the Grass” - About ten years ago, my mom was cleaning out old boxes in the basement. Mixed in among the piles of poems, essays, letters and books that my dad left behind, she found a complete manuscript that had never been published. The manuscript is called “A Working Man Asleep in the Grass.” It can be downloaded […]
Kindle Edition of Only Here - Joe’s most well-know book, Only Here, is now available on Kindle http://amzn.com/B008GTH96K Download it today!    

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