Donald Hall’s “Remembering Joe Salerno”

Originally published as the forward to Only Here:

It was a lively time for poetry at the University of Michigan in the early seventies.  My friend Bert Hornback set up regular Tuesday afternoon readings, which were well-attended — a hundred at the worst, four hundred on good days.  Robert Bly and Galway Kinnell came every year; Wendell Berry, John Logan, Denise Levertov, Adrienne Rich.  Joe was always there — with David Tucker and other Ann Arbor Poets.  There were readings at coffee houses, bookstores and bars.  Poetry was lively and ordinary. Continue reading

Reading James Wright’s Last Book for the first time

lying in a hammock

My favorite James Wright poem…at least until this weekend when I run out and buy every single one of his books.

This morning I created a new page on the website for my father’s poem entitled “Reading James Wright’s Last Book.”  It is a beautiful poem and I have always loved the imagery of the last Great Blue Whale sounding for the last time.  Continue reading