Joe’s Books

Only Here

Only Here is the largest collection of poetry by Joe Salerno.  This book was published posthumously in 1998 and includes Joe’s most well-known poem, “Poetry is the Art of Not Succeeding.”   Donald Hall, who knew Joe during his time at University of Michigan, wrote the forward to this book.

Only Here was published by The efforts of The Skylands Writers Association, Inc, and many “Friends of Salerno” who donated funding for the book. It received good reviews and sold out in the first year of publication.

However, it can be purchased on Kindle at

You can also read many of the poems from this volume on this website.

The Song of the Tulip Tree

Joe Salerno’s book Song of the Tulip Tree won the Bordighera Poetry Prize in 1999 and was translated into Italian by Emanuel DePasquale.  The poems in this book are published in the original English and the Italian translation.    Selected by Felix Stefanile, Distinguished Judge for 1998, the book is distributed by Bordighera Press and the Small Press Distribution Center, as well as on the Joe Salerno poetry page, published by Beverly Salerno, executor of the Joe Salerno literary estate.

This book can be purchased at

You can read excerpts from this book here.

Dream Paintings from the Heaven of Obscurity

The first book of Joe’s poetry that was published posthumously, Dream Paintings was published in 1996 shortly after Joe’s death.

The Chinese poet –Tsuei Meng Weng– is a mythical figure invented by Joe Salerno. He created Tsuei as a failed painter who preferred painting with words, and then he proceeded to “render” Tsuei’s “dream paintings” into English. The book is wonderfully illustrated with chinese drawings by Elsie Boehm.

It was published by Skylands Writers & Artists Association (November 1, 1996)



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