After Working

Joe and Beverly Salerno (sometime in the 1970s)

Joe and Beverly Salerno

I return home
Near morning, Exhausted
I till carry in my hands the faint
Hum of the steering wheel.
My wife is asleep, one arm
Under the pillow. Already
Gray light is breaking into the room —
It kneels
To her sleeping hand

Bitter with failure and fatigue
I open myself
Now and let in
The breath of this woman,
Which has been filling the room
In my absense
It enters my body to make me sleepy,
And I lumber into ed
Beside her not bothering
To take off my clothes.
Alone, my hand
Finds its way to my hair
As if it had been lost for a long time
And as come home at last.

As the room brightens,
The objects of our lives
Take shape.
I shift my weight in the bed,
look into her sleeping face.

A soft eye

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